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released January 7, 2014



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Track Name: Mountain Of Hope
mountain of hope
carry me home
from the place I've wandered carelessly
lengthen my stride
open my eyes
let me be the man that I could never be
lonesome cries the willow in her shame
for me

river of wild
mile after mile
I watch silent at the doom of innocence
but the dawn will not restore this lifeless soul
in me

white fields in view
my thoughts turn to you
but my mistakes
my mistakes
keep me from the life I could have known
with you
Track Name: Let Me Go (The Kids Dont Know)
its a long hard road but we pull our load
as the saints pray on in the sun
while the harlots dance with their heads held high
and the kids don't know what they've done

well I aint no son, aint no fortunate one
workin' hard for the man right now
so let me go, let me throw my soul to the sea
watch the waves crash down

there's a worn out song playing in my head
and I'm marchin' to the beat of the drum
and this golden boy looking oh so clean
has got to fight to keep from losing what he's won

though I believe in you Holy Ghost
I'm a far cry from hearing you now
so let me go let me throw my soul to the sea
watch the waves crash down
Track Name: Going Home
load up the truck boys the work is done
head for the glow of that settin' sun
I know that we can get there
get back home

get on the road old 201
find me a song I can sing along
i know were gonna get there
get back home

we're gonna ride this thought
scream it from the mountain tops
let it ring in every ear
send the message loud and clear
were going home

all we've seen is rain still our spirits are high
keepin' on the move got a one track mind
I said we're gonna get there
get back home

so many towns since I saw your face
I know its been a while but I want to retrace
our steps till we get back there
get back home
Track Name: Roll Back The Clock
on the road again
and I cant remember when
what we got was not sinkin' like a stone
and every now and then
blowin' in the wind
comes the light and it shines on you and you look like gold

the fire in your eyes
I wish was still alive
but you've packed your bags and left for Santa Fe
and stuck there in your place
is a stare I cant displace
so honey please come home and take away the sting

roll back the clock
let it start where it stopped
if you can let it be
let your heart come home to me

you're running from a ghost
cause what you fear the most
it was dead long before you hit the road
and a thousand miles away
you still feel the same pain
so come on back lets start it over again

rolling back the clock to start your heart, come home to me
Track Name: Clouded Diamond
when the world goes down
we wont be afraid
all our cares will fade and fall away
Lord I think were gonna make it
aint no need to try and fake it now
we've got this now

with your soul set free
will you waist your chance
will you let your dreams slip through your hands
all the things you said you needed
never made it any easier no
and so it goes

we're gonna run till the sun stops shinin'
this dream is like a clouded diamond
I watched you breathe out your whole heart and soul
you gave it all until you lost all control
we've gotta live and for more than this moment
we've been through rain and we need some atonement oh

like a raging bull
were comin' out the gate
takin' chances
and bettin' all on fate
and if all hell comes out to greet us
know that heavens light will see us through
so ride on through